MAB was a disappointment - let me keep it in a pot instead!

The way Jupiter is set up is excellently designed to be a spending account. I’ve used it very well thus far for setting myself a monthly expenditure budget and it’s been working great. New additions like enhanced rewards for subscription payments are a very nice touch and a step in being an even better spending account but Jupiter took a step away from being great today. I’m sure the data that comes with this serve you guys quite well too.

MABs are infamous for being bothersome to manage and it takes away from letting me simply check how much I have left for the month when I look at my account balance.

I understand the requirement, but I think it should be addressed differently.

I spoke to a CC executive who informed me that keeping 10k in a pot would not serve my MAB. I would have much rather had this so I can moderate my expenses easier during the course of the month.

I would happily keep a deposit with you guys infinitely for whatever amount, I just hope you will reconsider the requirement being in my main spending account :frowning:


Yeah, can’t agree more. Your account balance and investments through Jupiter should be considered for rewards. MAB requirement alone would strip this awesome service (read rewards :wink:) from many not yet salaried Gen Z users imo.

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Came here wishing that pots would count for MAB as well.
Disappointed. Turns out, they do.

I don’t like maintaining the balance in spending account either.

Can’t use Jupiter as spending account, if I want rewards and can’t get rewards without spending.

@stuffy The pot balance is included. We need to check if you had met the MAB with your account balance + pot balance. You shared your details with me earlier. We’ll get back to you. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Shawnpinto ,

Could you confirm if this is a change in policy? If so, I welcome and strongly encourage it.

I reached out to customer care when this change of policy was introduced and I was informed that Pot balance does NOT count toward the MAB.

@aic It’s an official change. The Pot balance included.


Awesome! Thank you so much for the confirmation!