Brand Vouchers getting devalued

Did you guys observe that almost all the brand vouchers on Jupiter are getting devalued?

Maybe it’s depends on pine labs availablity and demands.

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Yes yes they are powered by Pinelabs .

Bound to happen eventually.

I have rediscovered Jupiter not for the rewards but as a bank account for managing money. For me personally it is more valuable than rewards. Especially Pots for setting aside money for various expenses. Yes there is Fi for a similar functionality. But the interface is not as good as Jupiter’s.

I am evaluating if I can start using Jupiter for my investment needs as well. But I am not convinced yet as there is no money for the platform in selling direct mutual funds.

Well i have my SIP setup on Jupiter and been doing it for the fast 10-12 months.

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I just checked today and the devaluation is terrible. There are hardly now 5 brands and now it doesn’t even have a decent discount.

Guys, I’m not joking, hope the team sees this because the devaluation is just insane. It is so bad right now that I don’t eve think I’ll use the app anymore.

zomato went from a 45x to a 5x??!

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