☕ Steaming Hot Product Feedback

Hi folks! Debosmit here, a product guy having worked with a bunch of Fintech, Messaging and Community Platforms, and I have been using Jupiter for the past 1 week.

Here’s some things I felt could be even better than what it is right now:

  • Account Details directly accessible from the homepage just like the card (icon).

  • Ability to set custom limits (using numpad) for single transaction card payments along with slider (especially for contactless payments - the steps are 15k each)

  • SSO for Bullet and Jupiter - and redirecting to Bullet when funds are low in Jupiter account for a higher value transaction.

  • Shared Pots -Allow 2 or more Jupiter users to pool in money - would help couples, friends, or colleagues immensely - wherein only the creator of the pot can withdraw total amount, whereas the contributors can withdraw their own amounts.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Debosmit_Majumder!
This is really detailed. Will be sharing this across teams :slight_smile:

Oh and, welcome to the community!

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Pot account details are not visible in app. Please add the option to view pot account details like Ac no and IFSC of pots.

Wrong thread for you to reply to.

Pots account aren’t supposed to be used as regular transaction accounts - and only meant to be operated from within the app.

However, if you open Federal Net Banking or download the FedNet application you can find your cumulative POTs account as “Jupiter Growth” (while you full KYC account as Jupiter Verified).

In Previous versions we can view and even chat support also told me that i should able to view my pots account details and even he given me that details while i myself cannot. This feature should be re enabled.
I request to team to look into this.

Correct. That’s how the POTS account should function.

The POTS account isn’t meant to be used a regular bank account for transferring funds. Hence the account details for the POTS account isn’t shown in the app.

It acts like a piggy bank. You add money into it bit by bit and withdraw later once the goal is achieved.

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