Need some clarifications on the updates

I signed up for Jupiter a while ago but was not able to use it properly, because I switched phone and kept getting the “rooted phone” errors for a long time, which made it impossible to access the Jupiter account because there is no web app for it (which is a very bad idea, or is there a web app that I don’t know of?).

I was finally able to log into the app properly today and I see that I need to maintain an NRV of Rs. 10,000 to get rewards (at another point it says I need a salary account). I had been maintaining less balance than that because I was not able to access Jupiter, but I had been using the card for small transactions. So after logging in I found out that I had not been getting rewards at all. I have no idea when this was put into place.

Not just that, there is now a rs. 199 charge for debit card, and rewards are limited to salary account. How come I was not sent any kind of notification alerting me of this. I got stupid notifications about Nothing phone offer (on email and whatsapp) but not important notifications like this?

So I got a few problems:

  1. Why is Jupiter introducing charges without any proper notifications?
  2. Why is Jupiter making it impossible to access our account if we don’t have a phone (or have a rooted phone)?
  3. In “Account types” option I see there are two types of accounts - Savings and Salary. But in some places I see the term “Pro” account being used which is not mentioned here. How do I get rewards and use free debit card without making this my salary account? What type of account does an NRV of rs. 10,000 upgrade my account to here?
  4. How do I close my account if I want to?

I really liked Jupiter when I joined and was going to make use of it once it got out of the experimentation phase it seemed to be into an year ago, but all these unwelcome surprises are making me question it.