Appreciation Post and Improvement Suggestions

Jupiter has wonderful customer service support and its a pleasure to interact with them even though the more less we use it, the more the better(the app is more stable and the issues are sorted without need to approach), but you know that you can rely on them when in need. Kudos to @Jiten and his team for improving the customer experience.

Now for some suggestions to further improve the customer support experience-

1)Please mail the transcript of the communication exchange to the customer on his email as well, that will help him to keep track and remember as well incase he clear his notifications.

2)Do also include displaying a message like typing… or some symbol when either the support staff or the customer is typing.

I hope to see these changes implemented soon as this will not just enhance an already beautiful experience but also will be more intuitive to the final consumer and will in the process keep him alert and patient as well. Well done once again. @sneh.baxi @sahil-sorathiya


Thanks @cric_freak! We love talking to our customers too :smiley:
Messages like these keep us going.

Also, thanks a bunch for the suggestions!

  1. Mailing the transcript / Having a record of the ticket or issue - Very legit ask. We’re gonna be sending emails with a log of the transaction starting next week. Also would be adding a section within the Help Centre to show the same information.

  2. Indicator that the support team is typing - This would certainly give comfort to user. Taking this up with our Product team - will see if we can do something quick here.

Keep 'em coming @cric_freak. These are really helpful and will certainly help elevate the experience!