Feedback on Help Center in Jupiter App

Hey Jupiter Community! Have you ever reached out to us through the Help button on Jupiter App?

Please let us know about your experience and share your feedback / suggestions for us to pursue. Waiting to read your inputs on this thread :smiley:


welcome @Swarnima

For me, it is a big Nooooooooooooo :space_thumb: :space_thumb:

Till today, I didn’t have any serious issues with my Jupiter App.
In case of help, I prefer this community platform :space_thumb: :space_thumb:

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Welcome To Jupiter :slight_smile:

Lets come to the point customer support is still bad and not improved yet. Agent On chat lies Don’t take any action on the problem 15 - 20 days complaint are pending. In the last step we/I need to report the Reserve Bank for necessary action. Why you want to hear from RBI when you can resloved it?.

Here neo banks want banking license? How RBI will trust neo bank? When you can’t reslove the complaint or need time and time?.

People are reporting their issues on this community and @Shawnpinto take the matter on priority to get this reslove as soon as possible. Mr.Jiten also told that this community is made to give the feedback and suggestion not to report a complaint but people are reporting because they do not have any other option to get reslove it.

I don’t know if you have the grievance team or Nodal Officers if you have you then you should get their e-mail ID updated on the application.

Note : I have provided the feedback/suggestions to help you make Jupiter better.*

With Regards,

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One quick question whenever i open a closed request from “All help request”, I could see my chats classified in three ways:

  1. shows chats directly
  2. Shows open and closed date (without “view conversation”)
    3.Shows open and closed date (with “view conversation”)

by far i liked jupiter’s chat help system… sometimes it takes time to get a customer care person to come online(its ok)… Whenever i quit the app and opens a notification that jupiter customer person gave me a rply that satellite revolving around planet animation comes up and i misses the chat (its happens sometimes and wont resolve easily, )

Neobanks should focus more on help centres, If u dont get a proper solution there, people basically goes to twitter complaining it. It gives a bad impact on people…Hey i lost my money type of tweets are not something you need…

(wow i wrote an essay :really:)

It works fine until it does not.

  • I have few closed tickets which are still being shown as Open on the landing page
  • If the agent says that they will revert back after a few days of processing - it is basically the dead end. There has never been activity on my tickets if the resolution is not done immediately, and a future promise is made.
  • “Something snapped” is very frequent on the “Help” page.

Hey @razack ! That sounds great. Do try to get resolution through the Help Center, though! We’re doing some cool stuff to improve your help experience.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience @CarolinMerces ! Hope the issue you faced has been resolved now?

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Yes its resloved.

Hey @Aswin_Benny. Thank you for sharing your feedback! Answer to your question :

  1. The first screenshot is shown if your chat is not yet resolved, so you can read the conversation
  2. The second screenshot is shown in non chat scenarios (Phone / Email), where you don’t have a chat conversation to view
  3. The third screenshot is shown when the chat is resolved, so you can first view the status and view the conversation if needed

Yes I had got helped.
It was about year ago & that time statement couldn’t downloaded ( there wasn’t any option) but they Send me on my mail in 3 days .

I was excited to see such a help, because I had worst experience :sweat_smile: of regular bank customer support.

I’ve contacted thrice & got resulation.

My experience with the Help Center was amazing! the executive there on the text was prompt to solve my problem and to test their abilities and freedom I tried some tricks(Sorry can not disclose). I felt they have good freedom and knowledge and eagerness to help the person out.

I also felt there are a few executives there on board but the quality is amazing! Really Appreciate!

Thank You,
Hardik Goyal.

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