Feedback regarding getting help in Jupiter app

Tl:dr it sucks.


New Jupiter user here. Opened my account on this 9 Nov. I’m pretty impressed with the onboarding experience of the app. It is really less then 3 minutes. Did my Video kyc for verfied account after that.

Pots feature looks good on paper but the interest rate is abysmal. Maybe making it a VRD with better interest?

Coming to help section first I’ll be honest I’m totally anti bot-chats. But they are the future I guess, every one is adopting that. I’m happy talking to humans who copy paste preset freshdesk responses. I decided to try Jupiter help section.

So I ask the spaceman How to make a death claim. It doesn’t have any answer so I get chat with an expert option. It was around 8PM so I get No expert available right now and close the chat. 10 minute later I get notification that Archisman has joined chat. (What does that word mean I wonder). Anyway I ask him the same question. They ask me to please allow sometime to check the details. I say okay. That was around 8.15 PM. It’s total silence since then.

Now I can track my tickets in real time (whatever that means) until it is closed. It is supposed to be a good feature I think it doesn’t tell anything expect issue is open. What is happening in background is anybody’s guess.

As of writing this post my ticket is still open.

All I asked was “How to make a death claim”. It is not a hard question I think. And I’m not interested to actually know how to do that. I was just checking the help section - how the bot handles questions not in its dictionary. I’ll be happy to know what the issue is here, what’s causing this much delay in getting answer to a simple solution.


Hi @JupiterUser

Thanks for your note & feedback. I lead the support experience at Jupiter. I understand that your experience wasn’t great and we should have done better. Clarifying couple of the questions in your post:

  1. How the bot handles questions not in its dictionary - As you experienced in your chat session, if the bot doesn’t have an answer that’s a match, it redirects it to an associate for assistance. We keep updating the dictionary basis queries that we see our users ask.

  2. Archisman is the name of our associate who was assisting you with the chat (no relation to Spaceman, the bot). Your query is a rather rare and unusual one for which our associate didn’t have an immediate answer to. Having said that, we should have gotten back after an internal clarification. That’s a miss and we’re working on a structural fix to avoid situations such as yours.

Curious to understand better your anti-bot view. Would be great if you could share what aspects of it you dislike & why.


I’m also not a fan of chatbots because they try too hard to give answers, in effect wasting time.
But experience in Jupiter chat has been nice. Chatbots quickly let users connect to support person if it couldn’t solve the query.

Yeah Spaceman is quite helpful. I want to suggest one thing that when we type something which is in dictionary then it suggest 3 results to click. After clicking on one. You should also suggest 2 remaining ones. So, that I don’t have to type same query to click on other if i want to read 2 results simultaneously.

I am pretty sure, this is the case with many and you can also check the data like how many people retype the query to read another result.

Loving all the experiences:)

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