Improving Support on App and Phone

Little background before I start : I have been using digital banks for almost 5 6 years now. Started on digi bank by dbs almost 6 years ago. Still use them. I have positive experience with them. I jumped on to the neo bank wagon hoping to get better features. Used Fi initiaaly. Terrible customer support. Closed the acccout under 3 months and moved here.

I wont go into details of what issue am facing ( its a p1 security issue ). Jupiters support has been terrible. Its the same level of poor support I receieved on Fi which forced me to close the account.

Your phone and chat support has no cordination. They talk like they work for two different companies.

No acknowledgment for issue raised on chat via email or sms. On top of this screen shots are not permitted which means which means other that the chat itself there is no proof or thread of the issue raised.

Giving ETA - Inspite of asking multiples times, there is no eta on the issue.

Wait time - Almost all the chat resposne i got were delayed. Some by hours some by 10s of minutes. This is in stark contrast to what I see with even tradition banks.

At the heart of it, Jupiter is still a bank. Issues realted to secuity of funds held in account should be dealt cautiously and you should be reassuring the customer that money will be safe.

I admire all the features you have built, but the support you have is terrible.


Hey @Arun1994

Apologies for the kind of experience that you had to go through. This is definitely not the kind of experience we wish to deliver.

Don’t worry! I shall connect with you regarding your issue and make sure that your issue is sorted.