Support executive

Recently, had conversation with one of the customer executive supervisor, very pathetic experience.

Disconnecting calls without customer consent and not valuing customer emotions…:cry:

… Please work on this Jupiter…


@Ajieethdesign Very sorry to hear about your experience.

Please DM your contact details in order to investigate this further.

Kindly contact through Jupiter App.

Banking apps need faster resulation and good support team.

Jupiter excellently doesn’t do this.

They simply take their own sweet time to fix issues,
:sparkles:fails to keep up their words.
:sparkles:Wasting customer time (hell lot of time).
:sparkles:Poor way of communication with customer.
:sparkles:Blaming customer

Doesn’t keep up their words. No awareness on user usecases.

Still they aren’t able to solve an issue from past two months.
Very pathetic service :face_vomiting:

Help #support Bug hunters Jupiter app All things else :bar_chart:

What issue are you facing ?

@Ajieethdesign We are sorry your feel this way.
As per our teams conversation with you few days back, we have already taken this up with our engineering team who is looking into the same.
We will get back to you with an update once the issue is resolved.
If you are facing any transactions related issue, feel free to get in touch.

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@Ajieethdesign As per the latest update from the team, the issue you were facing has been resolved. Feel free to get in touch if you need any other help.

Took two months to resolve, be fast to resolve the issues.

Respect customer emotions, don’t hurt their emotions because of your smartness.

@Ajieethdesign Thank you for your feedback.