Poor Support Team

Very poor support team

I don’t know why, but every time I face a very bad customer support experience from Jupiter.

Very much struggling, unable to do UPI transactions from past 4-5 days, they frozen my account(don’t know why).

Contacted support team, but they were mearly able to resolve

@Jiten started to loose trust on Jupiter, very bad user experience.

Mentally feeling bad, your UPI was on of the fastest I ever used, but from past 4-5 days it really ruined my time.

@Ajieethdesign sorry that you are facing this.

Are you still not able to verify SIM?

Are you sure that the problem is not from the mobile network side?

Now it’s fine,

Problem was from Jupiter

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So am I right to understand that the problem is sorted?

Are you able to verify your mobile number and use Jupiter without any issues?

If yes… Great! :smiley: