Unable to verify

Hey guys from past 28hrs I am unable to verify SIM based login on my device.

Kindly resolve this quickly, tried contacting Jupiter support but unable reach them.

No issue with SIM, I have un-installed and installed back the appl on my device but the issue doesn’t sims to be getting fixed.

It’s Emergency :rotating_light::rotating_light:

Have you double checked the SMS plan on your sim?
Also, I suggest recharging for small denominations like 10Rs and try again

If possible, kindly attach the image or recording of the error.

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@Ajieethdesign As you won’t be able to contact the customer support through chat, you may send an email to support@jupiter.money.

But I am guessing there may be some issue with your phone or SIM.

For example, you may not be able to send/receive messages because your phone storage may be full.

Check if you are able to send or receive messages from other mobile numbers.

Also please try from another phone with your SIM card in it.

Even my friend had the same issue. Is there any specific requirement that the SIM be in the primary slot? I tried this, and it worked even though the SIM was on the other device.

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There is a setting for default sim to send SMS, choose the Aadhar linked one and it should work as well.

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