Error with mobile number verification

I’m unable to log into my account after reinstalling the app. It says my mobile number could not be verified. I tried restarting my phone and reinstalling the app multiple times. My other messages are going through.

Hai @Andrew_John, Welcome to the community…
I think your sms package may causing this issue.
I suggest you to recharge for 10 Rs(main balance/top up recharge) and try again.
May be that can solve the issue

Mine is a postpaid number. I am able to recieve and send messages otherwise. That’s the first thing I tried.

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Then please report it via mailing to

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Yeah I have done that. They have reached out to me and are looking into the issue. They said will take upto 3 working days.


I have regained accessed. Happy with the prompt action by the support team. Very grateful :pray:.

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@Andrew_John can you please mark this thread as resolved?

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