A first for me: Jupiter Customer Executive argues instead of actually helping!

Highly disappointed with the support.

I was being asked for a transaction reference number which was supposed to start with ‘S’ (as per the executive)bfor a UPI transaction.

I mentioned a couple times that I don’t see any reference number starting with ‘S’ for any UPI transactions but still I was being forced to check.

Finally the executive checked via date/amount and confirmed there was no reference number starting with ‘S’

Then she started arguing that I provided the wrong Ref Num when all that time she did not scroll up to go till the chat where I provided the reference number and she was cross checking with the Jupiter transaction id I provided after reference number.

I expected a better customer support from Jupiter.
But I guess the quality will keep dropping as Jupiter grows bigger. I just really hope that it doesn’t as Customer Support is one of the key factors when choosing a bank, specially a NEO bank.

OOHHH and I didn’t get satisfactory response as she was not reading my messages properly :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Well it might be the 1% experience for you as Jupiter customer support is good but yeah would not want to see it become like other companies where customer service is non-existent


@Pratyushh, I completely understand your situation and the inconvenience it has caused for you.
although I don’t disagree or engage in an argument against any of your points, it’s important to consider the positive aspect as well – the community forum :jupiter:. Here, any user can share their experiences, both positive and negative, regarding Jupiter.
As Dev mentioned, many brands often lack a responsive customer care number or a functional email address.

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@razack I understand what you are trying to say and appreciate it.
But, what I fail to notice is that I never mentioned that everything about Jupiter is NEGATIVE or me considering everything about JUPITER is negative.

I don’t want to engage in any argument with you either.
It’s good that you are looking out for Jupiter but that does not mean anyone who puts up a complaint or feedback is trying to point out all negatives and is totally against Jupiter.

If you like something you want it to be good!
Especially when it has been good earlier.

This seems like you are trying to start a debate on POSITIVES and NEGATIVES of Jupiter.

Like you mentioned, anyone can share their experiences which is precisely what I am trying to do.
Also, I am quite sure if someone mentioned something POSITIVE about Jupiter, you wouldn’t have mentioned that one should consider NEGATIVE aspects, as well.

By the way, the COMMUNITY FORUM is not the only Positive thing about Jupiter.

This is not meant to offend you or anyone but these kind of lines: ‘I completely understand your situation and the inconvenience it has caused for you.’ is like a trigger. Most customer executives copy paste something related when they clearly don’t mean that. This happened with me and Jupiter support too!

Anyways thanks and again no offense meant.


One of the useless customer support experience they offer

And Jupiter knows how bad at this. But still things are same. Don’t know why they are slow at working on this

Luckily, for me this was the first time. I think :thinking:

I had several times faced similar bissue

Hope this gets better!