Problem in account creation

am trying to open a Jupiter Account, but it’s stuck on “Sorry, we’ll let you know when a new seat is available.”

I have mailed but still got no response.

What to do??

cc @Shawnpinto

@tanmoysrt Can you please try again. We have made some changes.

I tried out just now. After E-KYC, it’s giving message now

  • “Your account application was rejected by our systems. We will not be able to open an account for you”
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But I have a good CIBIL and experian score (In 800 range).
Although I am trying to open the Savings Account for neobanking mainly, not for loan (Although there was option for this as well at the time of registration).

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Do you have other federal bank account with same credentials or different mobile/email ??

No, I haven’t any a/c in federal bank

i had the same issue, lodged a complaint, they called me and told me there was an issue with the documents i provided and i cant verify again. Basically nothing can be done

Need to check other neobank.
The customer care and support really so bad.

Showing a message on the app may not help users to figure out the stuffs.