Account Opening Error

Hello @Community_Team

After seeing many complaints about account opening errors, i feel jupiter needs to simplify the Account Opening process.

  • What is the Problem?
    Many users left the platform even not started using because they were facing problems while unboarding.

@Satyajit_Singh , I was able to speak with Khusal from the salary account team today. While the discussion was around the opening of accounts via a company-specific link, we did touch upon this point. He advised that Federal Bank allocates a set number of slots to it partner banks for new customer on-boarding. When these slots are taken up, these either get adjusted in the slots that get allocated for the next day or the team has to reach out to Federal Bank to allocate more slots for the day.

While it may seem to a hassle to report these issues via the support channels, it serves as input in terms of the count of people that need to be onboarded.

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@yagnesh01 when is the next time slot - why is there no process visibility?

Atleast everyone would expect to come back next day and try creating new account - why don’t you have valid status information displayed and how about informing clients come back at so and so date to apply for new account creation.

Seems there is no fifo principle in Jupiter app. Randomly folks get their new account setup based on availability. Customer who already visited earlier are not notified.

This way your team have been losing so many clients. Indeed it’s heartbreaking for customers to make use of beneficial application like Jupiter.

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@Sylvester_Fernandes , honoured to have been considered part of the Jupiter team. I am also one of the community members and shared an insight that i was able to gather.

Agreed there are a few nuts that can be tightened in the process to ensure potential customers are not lost. Having said that, based on my conversation with the team, they are continuously engaging with the partner bank to better the process of seat allocation for new account opening.