All seats are taken

Installed jupiter last week it said oops all seats are taken. Been trying for a few days now, still facing the same issue

@Sidharth_Pillai Jupiter works with its partner bank and gets a specific number of slots assigned for new client onboarding. When these slots run out, users get this error. Please report this to the support team via email - It will help them track the open requests for new customer onboarding. As soon as a slot gets assigned, they will reach out to you.


same thing happened to me months ago also with my friends contact @Shawnpinto he will definitely help you

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Does Jupiter have limited seats?

Hi, even for me this is the same issue.

Hey @The_Word_Nerd Welcome to the community :wave:

I suggest you to contact the support team by sending an email to They will provide you an appropriate solution.

@Sidharth_Pillai Are you still facing the issue ?


I haven’t got a seat for a month now.

Please send an email to Jupiter support on This will ensure a ticket is assigned to your case, you are added to the list of potential customer and as soon as a slot is available to open an account, the customer support team will reach out to you

Same issue for me . Waiting for more than 15 days. No update in app

@Sugan please report this to the support team via email - This will ensure a ticket is assigned to your case, you will get added to the list of people that need a seat assigned and as soon as soon the seat becomes available, they will reach out to you

I contacted them but they called and said whenever our seats are free we will open your account. But its been 2 weeks since then.

@Jamir_Alam did they provide a ticket number?

Yes #2456813
They emailed me
“Thank you for showing interest to join Jupiter. We’ve conducted some mandatory checks and in accordance with the internal guideline, we’re unable to process your request. However, let me assure you by saying that we’re constantly evolving our systems, and should your details fit the criteria in the future, we would be happy to have you onboard.”

@Jamir_Alam it seems they did evaluate your case and then sent this response.

So I won’t be able to open an account? It only asked for my phone number, what’s the reason to not process my request?

@Nikhil_Godbole request your help in getting someone from your team look into this.

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@yagnesh01 It’s already been addressed in the email sent to @Jamir_Alam

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I have dropped a mail now. Hoping for a positive resolution

I am facing the problem of “All seats are taken”