Onboarding issue on the app


Today I tired to open an account on the Jupiter app, after verifying phone number and providing PAN number, I was stuck on a page where it says " Oops! Alll seats are taken. We’ll notify you once we’ve found you a seat." Then I tired to reach out to customer support ; they told me to contact them via app by clicking on the small headphone like icon on the top-right side of the screen. But there’s no such icon anywhere on the screen. I replied the same to them, already been more than an hour but I’m yet to get any answer from them.

Any suggestions what should I do now?


Welcome to the community @Dash

I suggest you raise a support ticket by mailing to support@jupiter.money.

Also, you can DM your details to @Nikhil_Godbole sir

I have already raised a support ticket

Then I suggest you to share (support ticket number) the same with Nikhil sir :+1:t2:

I wasn’t giving a ticket number

My issue is still unresolved

@Dash please share the ticket number over here

@Dash Please try after 2nd Jan. It should work

@Nikhil_Godbole Not working

@Dash The issue will be resolved today. Please try tomorrow.


@Dash Can you please try it once more ?