Account opening

After filling my details,I stuck on the review your profile window.
There is next button at the bottom of it where I am stucked it is not working

Hai @Dhruv1 Welcome to the community.
Suggest you to mail to along the sufficient attachments (screenshot/image) to create a support ticket.
After, kindly share the ticket ID here.

@universe can you please the ticket number here?

Well, I am sure you are extremely busy. But a ticket number would have helped reduce the lead time i requesting someone to look into your issue.

@Nikhil_Godbole request your help in getting someone from the team look into this.

How can I get ticket I’d?

Report this issue to the support team via email. You will receive a response with the ticket number

Ticket ID 2875137

@Nikhil_Godbole request you to have someone from the team look into this.

@Dhruv1 Team is checking. Will update

@Dhruv1 Can you try again ? We have fixed the journey.

it’s the same.I am still stuck there

@Dhruv1 Could you please DM me the error screenshot.

Check the next button at the bottom which is not working

Try doing the same with 3 button navigation instead of gesture navigation (it is available in android settings). Maybe it will work.

@Dhruv1 Engineers are checking this. Will keep you posted

Same issue here

Still not working with 3 button navigation

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@Dhruv1 Are you able to scroll down further on that screen ?