Reducing friction for creating New Jupiter account

I had put the Jupiter link in my Linktree. Around 21 people opened the link, but we couldn’t convert them into our users. I think we need to be more bold with the values we are providing and reduce the friction when creating an account. What do you think, how can Jupiter make the onboarding experience much smoother?

I will agree with this :+1:

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My number 1 recommendation would be to call people who start the onboarding process but somehow do not complete it. Those users can help us to improve the process.

Is it possible that some people among those are already Jupiter users, although not all of them?

I don’t think so, because in my circle I am the only one using Jupiter.

My point of view is not everyone opens a bank account instantaneously. They will take their own time and due diligence before committing to it.
So maybe in this process, they got caught up with work and put off account opening for later.

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There are multiple points that can get considered here -

  1. Seats full error - @Satyajit_Singh had asked this one yesterday. Because there is dependency on the partner bank to allocate slots for new account opening, the community members can assist in tracking their referals (possible only when you are connected to the referal) with the troubleshooting.
  2. People dropping out even before the basic data capture is done - this is tricky as if the most basic information like the persons mobile number or email address has not gotten captured, there is no way for Jupiter to trigger their drip campaigns.
  3. In situations when the user has completed the initial onboarding but pending for VKYC, the app does send nudging notifications to complete it.
  4. Anyone who has started with the onboarding process and then uninstalls the app, I am sure Jupiter has their follow up campaigns in place to follow up provided the contact information gets captured.
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