Not able to open account

Not able to open an account the interface is showing as all seats are taken


Have you tried raising this issue with the support team? If no, please do.

I am facing a similar issue, how did you work around it?

Write an email to the customer support. That assigns a ticket to your case. If the wait period is too long, you tag Shwan Pinto here along with the ticket number.

I personally not faced this issue. People from team have and gets addressed by the corporate salary account team.

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im facing the same issue

@AAYUSH_SHARMA1 follow the steps mentioned above

Refer to following information for more clarity All Seats have been teaken! :frowning::


Is there any solution for this, i need to open my savings account as soon as possible :disappointed_relieved: but jupiter is showing that it’ll take 5 business days to review this

Hai @Gaurav_Chauhan
Suggest you to wait for the said period for the completion of the review process.
Also, you can mail the issue to or contact customer care at 08655055086 (available 9am - 9pm)

Hi @razack i need to submit my bank account details before 7 October to my company, so i need to make an account asap but the Jupiter app is just showing name mismatch and isn’t providing me any option to edit my Aadhar card details. Can u please help and resolve my issue, my ticket id is #2546559

@Nikhil_Godbole request your help on getting someone from your team to look into this.

@Gaurav_Chauhan Who is this account for ?

@Nikhil_Godbole account is for me, i accidentally put my mother’s Aadhar card details instead of mine and now the app is showing name mismatch

Not sure if anything can be done in this case as the account is under process in the name of your mother and not you (which is also stuck due to details being mismatched). Let me check if anything can be done to help you open an account with the same mobile number.

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@Nikhil_Godbole please help if another account with the same mobile number can be opened…… thank you

@Nikhil_Godbole sir please reply if its possible to
Open another account with the same mobile number, if not how long will the name mismatch processing take so that i can enter the right Aadhar details this time

@Gaurav_Chauhan Team is checking on what can be done. We will let you know as soon as we have an update from the engineers.

@Gaurav_Chauhan Please send an email to with your Aadhaar and PAN details (along with soft copies) and the relationship with the original person in whose name the account was being tried to open. Please also attach the aadhaar and pan of the original person (your mother).
Once the email is received, we will have to send it to Bank Operations team to reset the onboarding journey.

Let me know once you send all the details.


Hi sir i have sent all the required details with the photos, please provide a solution aa soon as possible, it would be really helpful for me. Thank you

@Nikhil_Godbole Hi Nikhil, after sending these documents today i got a call from jupiter and they were saying that they reviewed my application and its against their risk policies and i will not be able to join jupiter. I don’t know how this is fair that one mistake can lead to you not being able to open an account :disappointed_relieved:.