Got a referral but couldn't open an account

Hey, I got a referral from a friend to use this cool banking app but can’t open an account.
A week before it was saying that no seats are available and now it’s saying after phone number verification that "Sorry your account couldn’t be created, Profile doesn’t match Jupiter policies!!!
Can anyone please help me out?

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@annmdk Please DM me your mobile No which you are trying to use to open an account.

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@Nikhil_Godbole I am getting same error, i entered Mobile number then pan card, I want to apply for credit card but i don’t have any account

Could anyone help me here, facing the same problem! Tried reaching your support on Twitter but they said it is what it is and deal with it, we can’t open your account.

Hello Kunal,

We acknowledge your concern, and we are reaching out to you through direct message (DM) to address this matter for you.

Thank you.