All Seats Are Taken Error

I’m Imran.I tried to open a savings account in jupiter.I am so disappointed as i couldn’t create account.

I raised a ticket three months ago but still I didn’t get any solution from the team.

This is my request id #1980571

@Shawnpinto I hope you can help me to create new account.


Pls email to with this ticket again.
3 months is too long :neutral_face:. Is the same error showing now ?


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@imranparvej I hope you’re in touch with the support team.

Sir I am able to create an account now.Many thanks to team Jupiter. I sincerely appreciate the team assistance.

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Happy to hear @imranparvej :+1:t2:
I suggest you to close this thread by marking/selecting “Solution”
Once again Happy Banking with Jupiter :jewel:

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