Issue in starting a salary account

So my company wants us to open a jupiter salary account from this month, so I tried to open the account using the link provided, so along the onboarding journey I was asked to type in my aadhar and pan card details. After few of these steps it showed that I can’t open an account because there is a name mismatch in my aadhar and pan card. But there weren’t any issues actually, as my name had no change in both the cards, when I enquired about it, they said that it was not the issue about my name, but my pincode wasn’t serviceable. But I already have other bank accounts in that address/pincode. When i again enquired about that, they said they’ll add my pincode to their database. Now today when I called, I got to know that my application got rejected!. Actually what’s happening here? I need to give my new account details asap to get this month’s salary. Please help.

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Hey @jovinjoju , we’ll need to check what had happened here.
I’d need a few details from you to take this forward.

Reaching out to you via DMs.

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Is it credit card that got rejected.

Nope, bank account opening application.

Hello I also have the same issue and my company wants to submit me the account details in 5 days but I’ve already raise a ticket as well but no resolution still. My ticket id is : 2171163

Can you please reach out.

Thanks for sharing the ticket ID @Anand_Sagar
That saves us time. I’ll ask the team to get it checked and connect with you.

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Thank you, just got a call I guess the team needs more time to re-review this again for 24-48 hrs.


My issue got resolved last week, thanks for the help.


Thanks team just got the issue resolved. This was super quick. But just as feedback the support guy (who I was calling from my end) really scared me by saying it’s been rejected and nothing can be done and the wait period can be from 1 month to 6 month. But with just community thread and response things got fixed in no time. Kudos to promptness.


Glad to know it was resolved :slight_smile:
Also, welcome aboard!

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@Shawnpinto I am also facing the same issue and unable to open salary account due to unknown reasons since 20-25 days, Ticket Id : #2230364

Just wanted to say that it’s great and all that the community is being helpful is resolving issues but it should not be the norm

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I am facing the same problem name mismatch

I’m facing the exact same issue for past 1 month with no help whatsover from the customer support team. I have been requesting them to clarify as I’m delayed in submitting the bank details in office, but all I get is an ignorant response. I need it within 2 days to receive my salary.

Kindly help.

Hey @011

We’d like to get this checked for you. I’d need a few details to take this forward.
Let’s connect on DMs :envelope_with_arrow:


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Thankyou so much for your help.
For a month I was tensed about being stuck with it but you people solved my problem in a single day!!
My account finally got opened with ease.

You really saved the day :slight_smile:

Thankyou SO MUCH once again sir!!
Thanks a lot!!


Glad we’re able to help you out :party_parrot:

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Great. Enjoy! Welcome to Jupiter. :slight_smile:

@011 Glad to know that the issue is resolved. Please don’t forget to complete the Video KYC so as to enjoy seamless access.


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