Jupiter app not able open salary account

Hi Jupiter Team,

Today i have installed juniper app. It is first time am Login juniper app using my airtel no and after logging. Give PAN details after confirming.

Juniper account detected page only. Not able open salary account.

Please help me resolve the issue.

Panneerselvam. G

Hi sir, This is Jupiter not junipe, it seems like you already have an account with jupiter, your pan records are already linked with another number, kindly login with the number you initially created your account with jupiter, contact the helpdesk via support@jupiter.money or in app-support incase you need further assistance / lost your number

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Hi i have not register any no with PAN card no in jupiter. Today only i have register.

I have emailed support@jupiter.money.

How to resolve my issue? Any one please help me on this.

This is a peculiar problem.

But I think since Jupiter is mostly automated to keep costs down, people would need to dig into this problem.

Please be patient.

I am just guessing… Is it possible that someone gave your PAN Card by mistake while opening their account and is it possible that it is linked to Jupiter? But I think it only gets linked after complete verification. :thinking:

It is also possible that you opened the account with another mobile number and forgot about it.

I suggest you to clear cache and storage data and try login in with the same mobile number and see whether you can proceed further, mainly with account verification sms. I think there may be an account created with your present mobile number

Tagging @Nikhil_Godbole sir

@Panneerselvam Please DM me your mobile number which you used at the time of registration.

Will get it checked.

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