Salary account with Jupiter account

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Hi i want to apply salary accouunt
But my business is not listed

Pleased approve my business with federal jupiter once try

Hai @Harmeet1995
If you have not contacted the customer care still, I suggest you to use the chat option on the app for a quicker response. You can also mail your query to
Hope @arp4na or someone from the Salary Team can help you
@kush @sahil-sorathiya

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@Harmeet1995 : please write to mentioning your Company Name & registered mobile number.

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I have sens email to
Please support me fully

They are intentionally delaying time for business FUN FOR ITSELF
Is not believing what i HAVE PRESCRIBED IN JUPITER APP

I already told my business is not listed IN JUPITER SALARY APP
Why you need any other proof like video VERIFICATION

@Harmeet1995 : You can enter company name as free text. That option is there. Can you please use that option to proceed further? If you are seeing any trouble in doing so; please share a video of the trouble being faced on your Jupiter app.

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