All Seats have been teaken! :(

I’m Alvin. I have been wanting a Jupiter Account for the past few months. My College will start soon, and I thought having a Jupiter Account would be best for my spending and personal savings.
I am so disappointed that I couldn’t create an account to date :frowning:

I raised a support query, but no response was received from the team. This is my Request ID: #2288780
@Shawnpinto I hope you can definitely help me out.

Hoping to hear from ya’ll.


@alvinson19 you have taken the right step in reporting this to the support team. As soon as additional seats are allocated by Federal Bank for new account opening, the support team will reach out to you.

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@alvinson19 We’ll take this forward.
Thanks for the Ticket ID!

Thanks a lot. I hope that I get to create my account soon.

Although, this is my first time to such a system. Could you please brief me on how this works?
There is limited seats for signing up on Jupiter or just that the seats are allocated timely? and what the use of it?


From the little information that is available, federal bank assigns a set number of seats to Jupiter to onboard new customers. Seats here means slots. Once those slots are taken up and all new accounts have been onboarded, anyone Trying to open an account after that gets the seats taken error. Reporting this error to the customer support ensures that the customer support is able to add you to the list of people who need to be allocated a slot to open the account and as soon as the new slots are made available by federal bank, they reach out to you to ensure that your account is opened

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Oh Okay Cool. Thanks for the info :smile:

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I am so happy to inform you’ll that, I was able to create an account in Jupiter.

Big Thanks to @Shawnpinto for taking quick initiative on my case.
Also Thanks to @yagnesh01 for guiding me throughout the process.

The support was really smooth via email and I was able to make my account in no time.

To anyone having any more troubles with the same case,
All you have to do is to check if slots are available in the app, if not just send a mail to Jupiter Support. They will go through your mail and reply to you with a Ticket ID. Be patient till they reply, if not just message Shawn Pinto with your Ticket ID, and hopefully just like me, you will be able to create your account in no time and enjoy Jupiter’s Service.

Thanks a lot. :smiling_face:


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