Hi, I’m Karthik, Product Manager at Jupiter

Namaskara to the vibrant Jupiter Community!:hugs:

My name is Karthik and if my way of greeting didn’t it give away, I’m a Kannada speaking native from Bangalore.

I manage the Customer Support and Experience Products at Jupiter.

Previously, I have been been a software developer, product manager and more recently a founder.

I spend my personal time making music, playing a sport or working out and connecting with startup folks. Once a while, I even binge on interesting TV shows.

We at Jupiter take providing you with the best user experience very seriously.

Reading this thread on your past poor banking experiences has been very insightful.

I would also love to know the good experiences you have had, not just limited to banking, so we can learn from them too!
Let me go first.

Recently one of my Bank (one of the larger PSU Banks in India) SIP mandates failed due to insufficient account balance. Hoping to get a refund as I have never let it happen earlier, I reached out to their support. A lady answered my call and took my request. A few hours later, I get a call from the same lady - says she needs to close the ticket immediately, shares the mobile number of the head of the department and tells me that he can resolve it for me.

No surprises for guessing - My calls on the mobile number went unanswered for 2 days and I just gave up after that (In retrospect, I don’t even know why I thought a call on a personal mobile number would be answered for help requests!)

Sorry, I lied.:grimacing: But, this is a poor banking experience I have had recently, and we all have had one or more such experiences. :pensive:

Why don’t you tell us some of your best experiences below so we can make them a regular occurrence for you?:star_struck:
(Best experiences not just with banks, any product or brand that you use.)


Hey @cpk
Customer Support across traditional banks is broken but I’d like to highlight my experience at Amex - They Very courteous and Polite, Knew all my data and did not ask unnecessary information for verification.
Loved the seamless assistance!


Hi all, talking specifically about SBI is like opening a can of worms.

I was forced on to their digital platform - YONO earlier last year as a few of the elders in my family refuse to believe in the robustness of Indian Private banks (apparently they are used to the days of going to the bank and waiting with their passbook in hand for hours for their token number to be called - while people who know the bank manager willingly cut the line).

My experience with Yono was pathetic. You had to get multiple ID’s (in the name of security). There were so many ID’s that were generated I had to create another spreadsheet just to store all these IDs !! After all that the app was slow, sometimes crashing !! Ironically, logging on to their website proved more efficient.

So here is a point. If your app is slower than your website - what does it say about your company?

  • you don’t have the right skillsets to develop and manage an app?
  • you are not spending enough on IT infrastructure?


You are just developing multiple digital fronts just to prove to the world that you are digital?


Valid points @mario
Have had similar bitter experiences with SBI!
But as this thread is about happy experiences, I’d suggest @cpk to do everything that Paytm doesnt do and you’ll have a happy customer :slight_smile:

Just order something from paytm mall and try to get refund for it and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

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Agree with you @Manyaa. My personal experience with Amex too has been very good.
Would love to hear about an instance where the team went above and beyond to have a satisfactory resolution for you!

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Hear you @mario, we have been there.
This helps us with “what not to do”. We would also love to know “what to do” :slight_smile:
Any instances of great support experiences you would like to share with us? (any brand/product)

@Dev I see you did a cpk there :slight_smile:
Will definitely try it out, thanks.
Any instances where a support team has gone above and beyond to help you out?

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Well they “went above and beyond” to upsell their insurance plan and guess what, i totally bought it!
Nowadays the premium pinches but yeah that’s the power of good customer service!

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IMO, nobody tops Amazon.
It was the grand sale and I wanted to buy a Kindle for my wife but when I checked it was sold out. I reached out the customer service and shared the whole deal with them, they were extremely kind and specially arranged one for me.


Wow, that’s truly a testament to how good their service is!
Any other brands you similarly hold in high regard?

Incredible! Thanks for sharing this, Dhaval.
I’ll remember it as a hack in case I run into a similar situation :slight_smile:
Any other brand with which you have had such a good experience?

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