My experience with Jupiter support

Two days back my father faced an issue in his iOS Jupiter app where the QR scan icon disappeared. He has tried reinstalling, restarting the iPhone… Nothing worked. So he asked help via in-app chat within two days the app received an iOS update which fixed his problem. Kudos to the support team.

When compared to Fi, NiyoX…Jupiter is wayyyy better in terms of customer experience. Please DO keep this quality of support throughout your journey.



My experience with jupiter is still wrost they are still very slow in customer service that’s why i dont use jupiter account alot i have shared the feedback with them but they ignored it NiyoX is fear better in customer service in my experience. Btw everyone has their own experience some is good some is wrost.

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Hey, Carolin!
Apologies for the disappointing experience you’ve had. As a team, we are committed to giving a top-notch experience to our customers. We really value your feedback and wish to make this right! Let me DM you to understand this better. Thank you!

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yes, everyone has different experience with these neo banks as everyone has different expectations from them. Perhaps our expectations are too high ?? and they’re not meeting them due to whatever reasons!! I want to change my mobile no on Jupiter but app doesn’t allow it, they say banking partner also needs to make some changes for this. At the same time FI allows it with the same banking partner which means its Jupiter who needs to work on it to get it implemented… This is just one of the examples I’m sharing here.

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