Issue in Pay Advance

While I’m trying to pay the mobile postpaid bill on my Android Device, i observed that the "Pay Advance " button isn’t redirecting anywhere and it is just taking me back to the Bills Page.

@Sukesh_Pabba Nice to see you back :blush:
I hope someone from here can confirm whether they too face this issue or not.
(Unfortunately, I don’t have any postpaid number to check and confirm)
Also, it is always better to attach the screen recording/ video recording of the issue , so that it would be easy for the concerned team to locate the issue.


I agree but video would reveal the mobile number and I might have to redact that info ! :sweat_smile: Did not have the right tool to get that job done easily.

Its Ok Sir, :grin:
Hope someone from community confirm the same soon. :+1:t2:
Btw, again It’s better to share whether its iOS or Android. :rofl: (I forgot to mention in my previous post)


What I usually do is upload the video to YouTube and YouTube studio has an inbuilt mini video editor with blur tool having motion tracking capabilities :sweat_smile:.


@Sukesh_Pabba Is it possible for you to record it from another device and send it to me privately?
That should work.

If a button isn’t working, that’s something we need to fix. :hammer_and_wrench:
Thanks for testing btw.

Thanks for the tip. Will definitely give it a try!:v:

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Sure. Let me send it.

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Messaged you the video link.

I hope you are able to access the video.

Yup, I have access.
The team is trying to reproduce this.

@Sukesh_Pabba We’ll need an app update for this fix. It should be okay on the next update.

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