Complete video verification bug

Again seeing that complete your verification even though I am verified .

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For me too is happening the same. Happened few weeks ago too.


I am having the same message - “complete video verification” beside the verified savings account symbol. This is a very disturbing bug. Please look into it.

@here Thanks for letting us know folks. :slight_smile:
The team is aware and we’re looking into this :mag:

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@here This has been fixed. Please do check it out and let us know if the VKYC text still appears on the home page.

Yes it’s fixed but I see a glitching effect on the homescreen idk how to explain it exactly seeing it after the notification regarding MAB above the balance.

Is it something related to the account balance? Like the font doesn’t look right?

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No that’s alright like the top section the white half has a glitching effect like only a white screen and thn the content shows up but it’s very fast and glitchy.

@gabey14 Wasn’t able to find it :blob_worried:
This may be hard but, could you possibly record a vid/take a pic from another device if that happens?
If you’re on iOS, you can record it directly.

Unable to upload videos and converted to gif but the size limit is too small what should I do?

Let me ping you @gabey14 :slight_smile:

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Okay :+1:

I now see continue to pro. Before that I clicked something than I’m continuously seeing that text ui thingy. @Shawnpinto

@BeingIncog That text should be dismissable :blobthink:

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Try clicking on the text 1-2 times and return to home.

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It’s still there it’s not going away.

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It’s still there, not going away.

@BeingIncog Send me this one as well. I need to see what you’re clicking on :blobthink:

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@Shawnpinto halp, I don’t want to continue for Jupiter Pro Account. That header ui thing and more on home page appearing.

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