Issue with KYC

Yesterday I did Video KYC and today it’s verified. But I am still getting complete KYC message on the home screen.

Please help me solve the problem.

It may be just a temporary technical issue. Hope the verification gets reflected there soon. The issue was there for many members in the past too.

@Vignesh-hegde If you continue to see these prompts, please report this via the support channels. I reported it as well.

Hey @Vignesh-hegde Have you connected with the support team yet?
Let us know, thanks!

I have sent an email to Issue is yet to be resolved.

Perfect. Please work with the team in terms of providing the information needed. They will ensure this is taken to closure.

Sir, did you face a similar issue in the past (from your post, am not sure if it is exactly the same or not)? It would be helpful if you could share here, the details of how the issue was resolved and how long it took. This information would be beneficial for those who are currently facing a KYC issue like @Vignesh-hegde .

KYC Prompt stopped displaying now.
Thank you for your support


@Vignesh-hegde Can you please mark this topic as resolved from your end? This ensures we know the issue was resolved & the thread does not get any further comments.

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