Kyc banner and front screen notification not going after completion of kyc

One the video kyc was done, i was expecting the kyc option to go to some sort of a holding note.

What happened here is even after going through the video kyc, i was still getting the complete your kyc notification on the notification slide down on my phone.
On the homepage of the app, it still shows that my RBI mandated eKYC is still pending.

For tech savvy users like me, i can still brush it off, but for someone who’s not to familiar with the entire kyc process or the general concept of having a Jupiter account, this can be a bit scary.

Hi @Trippyhooman. Welcome to Jupiter and the Jupiter community.

It usually takes 72 hours for the banner to go away. It might be because the verification itself (by a human) may not be completed.

You can also refer to this thread and comment.

Hey @alexnazy
Well i got a mail that my kyc is completed.
If i click on the banner on my home screen to complete my kyc, i get routed to a page that says my kyc ka completed. And i still getting the prompts on the notification banner

As i said, i can brush it off saying that that’s how it was designed to be. But then, i feel this should be taken up as an enhancement or a change request.

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Completely agree with you @Trippyhooman
Hope the concerned team will consider this feedback promptly. :+1:t2:

I agree with you @Trippyhooman.

The banner hampers the user experience.

@Shawnpinto @Nikhil_Godbole Please take note of this…