KYC bug, help pls

So today my KYC was completed and confirmed in the morning, then I recently checked the app it’s showing that you to complete your KYC, and when I click it, it says congrats your KYC is already done.

So I am confused :thinking:, whether the KYC was actually done or not.

I already contacted with the customer support, no solution given.

Pls help.

I think your KYC must be completed especially because you have got the email confirmation.

You can clear the data in the app and re-login. Maybe that will reset the app and show that the KYC is completed.

How to clear up data??

Tell me the step by step process pls

I hope you are on Android. You can long press the Jupiter icon > go to App Info.

Or else go to Settings > Apps and then choose Jupiter.

Now you should see an option “Storage & cache” OR “Storage” OR “Data”

Click on that and click “Clear storage” OR “Clear Data”

Please note that the name for storage varies from phone to phone on Android and for various Android versions.

It didn’t work

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It might be some bug, that too for a short period of time…
You need not worry.

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OK. Like @razack said, it maybe a temporary thing. Should be sorted.

If it doesn’t go away in a few days and if it is irritating you, you can raise a ticket by sending an email to

@I_M once the VKYC is completed, it takes a maximum of 72 hours for the status to get updated. If your KYC was done today, suggest you wait for 72 hours for the status to get updated on the app. If it does not happen, then take a video from a different phone from start to end and share it with the support team at