Account closed but showing partial kyc

Hi Team,

I was having below saving account in Jupiter for almost 1 year and later on “closed” in Dec 22 due to KYC not completed.

Account no: ***1116
Mobile No: ****1610

But the KYC is still showing as Partial and it is mentioned in the inquiry as well.
My other applications are getting rejected due to the same.

Request you to let me know the way out. I need to apply to a Federal bank product urgently and not able to do so due to above problem.



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Hai @Nilesh_Jain Welcome to the community. :v:t2:

You can get much more clarification by mailing your issue to

Also, Tagging @Nikhil_Godbole Hope sir can assist you on this.

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I am not to complete kyc my account is closed please help me sir