After a year

Dear sir,

I have not completed KYC and I am facing this issue

"Oops! Video-KYC unavailable

Video-KYC is only available within 1 year from account opening. Unfortunately, your account will expire soon. Please transfer your funds now to another bank account before account expiry"

And I want to complete KYC so how can I complete please help me

Mohammad Umair

Hai @Turk_Mohammad_Umair

Suggest you to mail this issue to and create a support ticket.

Also, Tagging @Nikhil_Godbole

This is from my experience in handling a similar issue for my employee. If the KYC is not completed within one year of account opening, the account does get closed.

Having said that, please do reach out to the support team to ensure if there is a workaround, it is provided.

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