Account closure due to online KYC

My account is inactive due to online kyc, can offline manual kyc can be arranged?

Welcome to the community @Likitha_S
I am not sure about the possibility of an Offline KYC
You can raise this request to and create a support request.
Also, you can connect with @Nikhil_Godbole for assistance.

@Likitha_S If the account is closed due to non completion of VKYC, not much can be done. Also, there is no offline KYC facility available at this point.

@Rahul3 Please direct message me the phone number which you are trying to use at the time of opening an account.
I’m assuming you have your own PAN which is linked to your own Aadhaar and mobile number is also linked to your own Aadhaar.

@Rahul3 Are you trying to onboard from outside the country ?

@Rahul3 Have direct messaged you for more details.

Sorry @Rahul3
We regret to inform you that currently we will not be able to assist you in opening the account with Jupiter.

It is easy in online kyc

Bro first go to a computer center and link :link:your pan to aadhar