Offline KYC?

Currently, I only have access to my E-Pan card and E-Aadhar, and was wondering whether Jupiter can arrange an offline KYC for me whereby submitting these documents would suffice.

I am about to lose my Jupiter account soon due to not having done full KYC, and i haven’t done full video KYC for the above said reason.

Please help.

While this has been arranged for my company as we have salary account relationship with Jupiter. Unsure if the manual KYC is possible by visiting the Federal Bank branch. Is there a reason why the physical copies of PAN and Aadhar card have not been delivered close to a year (as far as I know one gets a year to complete the VKYC).

Hai @Jayasoorya0304 Welcome to the community. :+1:t2:
I think you need to have physical pan card with you for verification purpose.
But as @yagnesh01 sir pointed out, you can get the physical pvc Aadhaar card for 50 Rs from myaadhaar website and physical pan card from UTI website. It may take only a week to get those delivered.
I also suggest you to mail the issue to so that you may get a better clarification regarding KYC procedures.

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