Full KYC with Digi-lockers PAN card

Hii there,
I want to get my full KYC done, but the process requires a physical pan card for that.my pan card is at my home and I am a college student and get to go home every 5 months, so I cant get my physical pan card for another 4 months approx. I wonder as digilocker is acceptable at many places, can I get my full KYC done using a digital version of my PAN card


Same as NSDL payment banks.

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Currently, the VKYC can be done only by having a physical PAN card handy. However, we could try arranging an offline verification.

Let me connect with you via DM to assist further.


Right… SBI and Paytm, Jio accept digital pan card with signature.

Some nbfc aslo there authenticate by digilocker account ( maybe not safe, because they can access your all read and write access of your digilocker account)

And some bank and nbfc complete customer kyc by “offline kyc” , uploading there addhar aadhaar xml file and password.

NiyoX previously do arrange offline kyc by sending partnership company agent , they done your kyc by your fingerprint. ( Too much costly)

** Maybe federal bank’s t&c not allowed video kyc by digital pan.

Last day I did KYC from amazon pay. They connected digilocker and took documents from there and did a VKYC to capture my face :joy:. Whole process took less than 10 minutes :zap:


Why don’t you order the pan card at your college address vis NSDL website which cost only ₹50-₹100?.

If you ask me how to get it at college address well you can change the address as well via NSDL Website…

Or maybe have it delivered to your address via Indian post or Delhivery direct. It won’t take more than ₹100 and saves you from the hassle of going there and collecting it.


Alternatively you can use your account with some restrictions until you go back and take your physical pan card.

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