Is physical reprint of instant e-pan valid for kyc?

@JupiterTeam As we all know ITD already introduced e-pan as a valid document and a simple e-pan generation trough aadhaar authorisation. But the problem is that the signature of signatory is not there. So my question is that the physical reprint of instant e-pan with ITD hologram valid for KYC on jupiter or any other bank even without signature?

Nope , get your pvc card first .

Pls. Read post again.

I was declined by a bank (Nyox or equitas i think) for not having signature in the pan card print…

I was denied by paytm payments bank for not having father’s name in the PAN card…

I was accepted by SBI even by showing ePAN on my laptop :joy:.

Just sharing my experience… Looks like banks have different criteria :thinking:

@Shawnpinto help him out with rules of federal bank

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can you share the link from where I can get this e-Pan, hope its not digilocker as the oan version there is of literally of no use.

I think these are the website @Krishnendu_Chowdhury :thinking:

first one failing to connect with aadhaar database.
second one says you’d done through NSDL so go to them.

Nice experience. Lol , I will create with all details (signature and fathers name) so no one can reject. But that sbi thing is funny. :rofl:

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You can also go> Instant e-pan.

This is more simple now.
Sometimes it takes more time than promised (10 mins) then you have to go on twitter to ask them for a help.


Video KYC representtive of SBI was the best out of all. Had fewest formalities :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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nsdl site worked today
got e-PAN although had to pay 8.26


If you applied for pan card within 30 days I guess it will free to download. If not, then income tax site will provide it to download only at zero cost.
If you are applying for new the this site also provide free.

I have also done too many online kycs. Some only ask how was your day and Name only (including pan) :rofl:. This is the best thing. Some also asks for signature, thats it.
The experience of kyc is great in this online world. Completely different from that long queues and hurdles.

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