Re opening account

What can’t someone open a bank account when it got closed with no Full KYC but open account already with federal bank with full KYC

You might want to reach out to the support team with this query. Their email is The community will not be able to help here

Hey I got the replay they are not allowing to re open the account that’s why I came here for your support to enable a option to re open account

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If the customer service has confirmed that it cannot be done then as of now it is cannot be done. I just realised one of my employee faced a similar issue and we could not get her account opened.

I was enquiring about account closure and one of the first things the customer care executive told me was that “Sir, if you close the account, you can’t re-open a Jupiter account”. When I enquired why so this is what was told “We don’t have the feature to re-open closed accounts at the moment. We’re working on providing a lot of other features.”

So I think this is a fixed thing that can’t be changed. At least for now.

Sir my account is closed please check and update me :pray: