Issue regarding re-activating Jupiter account

Hello community !!!

Some days ago I tried to re-open a Jupiter account as it was deactivated for not completion of KYC during the given time. But unfortunately I am not able to activate that account again in now a days due to some guidelines. I also have a little bit conversation with the chat bot as well as a Jupiter agent, and the agent told me they will work on it for future references. Actually here the problem is, although I have interested to open that account but currently there is no features regarding this.

Due to some reason for myself, I can’t complete the KYC. But as a Jupiterian, I expect this problem will be solved quickly.

Thank you :blush:

Hello Mohan.

Thank you for expressing your interest in reopening your Jupiter account, which was closed due to non-completion of KYC within the stipulated time period as per RBI regulations. At the moment, we do not have support for reopening closed accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Rest assured, we will inform you proactively if this feature or an alternative becomes available in the future. Your support and cooperation are highly appreciated.

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Reopening my account help me

Hai @VIJAYAKUMAR_M Welcome to the community.
If you are referring to Re-Activating your account which is closed due to No KYC,
Kindly refer this post: