Jupiter Edge KYC Issues

Hello Hiii,

As you all know few days back Bullet was renamed by Jupiter Edge. But the issue is with the vkyc after completing the vkyc agent told check it after 5 mins it will get reviewed in 5 mins and even i got the notification that Account is ready for the use but but but Is still showing that review page.

I know you may get a huge response but half of the application is getting waitlisted and half of the application get the option to complete the kyc but you guyz are not verifying it I just don’t know what is wrong at your end. Few user application is verified and they are using it as well. but what about us who is waiting from the month of august? Almost 10 months.

If someone is reading this post from Jupiter Edge team request you to kindly verify all the application or reject all applications if you can’t verify. I know the holiday is started and now We have to wait 1-2 weeks more.

Signing off,

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Hi Carolin, can you check if your KYC has been verified now? We had a bug that was preventing the final verification step but that seems to be fixed now. Please check and let me know.

Yess, i have checked and as well got the notification that Account is ready for use.

But still its showing that we are reviewing the application.

Please reslove it for me :sweat_smile: