Jupiter edge stuck on upi loading

The app always get stuck on loading after i manually enter the upi id to pay. @Shawnpinto @YaminiSharma

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Hey @Navharsh_Kr , thanks for bringing this up!
Good find. We’ll get this checked and try to reproduce the same.

We’ll connect with you soon when we have further updates.




For the issue with blank grey screen on some transactions, those are transactions declined by our system.

Ideally the transaction details should show up with proper reason for the decline. But this not happening right now is a known issue.

And the screen with “Something went wrong” error message should have popped up but it didn’t. We’ll check why that didn’t show up.

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yeah i know the reason & was expecting some error message or transaction declined message but the blank screen is unexpected.
waiting for it to be fixed.
i found another bug btw should i mention it here in comment or make a new post.

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You can mention it here @Navharsh_Kr :+1:t3:

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whenever i open the app , the scanner has this weird white reactangle on top and doesnt go away untill i click home then come back to scan pay @Shawnpinto

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Got it. Thanks for sharing this @Navharsh_Kr :grin:

It’s probably the focus area that’s acting a bit weird. We’ll check this too.

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It will won’t work now app is already removed from the Google Play store and those who already got the limit they are unable to use it.

well mine’s working fine

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@Navharsh_Kr This is fixed and will be out the in the next app release :slight_smile:
It was a known issue, not a new one.

Thanks for letting us know though!

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why am i getting this notification when i am already a verified user with credit approved ?

Same here Just got the same notification

Is there any FAQ page on how this Jupiter edge work?
Nothing is mentioned in your website or app onboarding.

Is it a loan that is given,?

Without this clear info, people will be surprised when a loan is created without their knowledge and if it adversely affects credit score.

I have already emailed you. but didn’t get any response.

People faced lot of surprises on slice and it was projected badly. You should learn from it and avoid such repercussions by clearly educating users on the functioning of Jupiter edge.


Not able to do transactions on Solethreads, it shows a screen like this.

Hey @Arnab We’ll get this checked for you. Pinging you on private messages for more details :slight_smile:

@hemanthchandra62 See if this helps - https://edge.jupiter.money
Edge T&C’s are at the footer!

Lending Partner T&C link seems to be empty. Just redirecting to same page

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Yes! Please address this head on. We need more clarity. Especially when you’re addressing a much younger inexperienced audience.

@Arnab This is an issue with @ yesbank handles. All payments to such handles are failing currently. YesBank has been made aware of the issue via NPCI and they’re working on a fix.

@hemanthchandra62 We’ll get it added soon :+1:t4:


Without T&C and the Loan agreement details, I am just wondering on how the onboarding of users can be done.