App isn’t working properly

Today i face big technical glitches then i reinstall android app but issue not solved @Shawnpinto @Jiten

Can you elaborate the issue here ?

@AaR1 Just checking, is it this one?

Pages not loading

App is too much slow after bug is arrived today

I reinstall the app but app pages not loading
Buh is still exists

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yeah, this is temporary issue, will be resolved in a few hours.

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@AaR1 if the issue surrounds the transactions page, then it is linked with the on going issue with the transactions not loading. I am facing a similar issue. If you are facing issues with any other module, please record a video of the steps you take before you see the error and report it via the support channels. Share the video with them. This will ensure your issue is assigned a ticket# and will get tracked to closure

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Now problem is solved , i have one more question , today automatic upgrade of salary account from pro then i show on pop up display regarding health insurance plan so i have confusion about top up health plan if i choose this plan this is free or chargeble

Transaction not updated bug is not properly remove still exists partially

@AaR1 none of the plans have an extra fee. Having said that, please read the complete structure of both the options and pick the that suits you the most.

Yes, the issue is partially resolved. Let’s wait for the team to provide a final update

It’s not fixed yet, we’ll update the status here once it’s fixed.

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I can confirm there are some issues going in app. My balance going in minus and then coming to plus and so on. Duplicate transactions showing in app from last 2-3 days. By looking at first I was like some one hacked my account! Its scary thing.


Please provide jupiter wallet just like paytm wallet

Hai @AaR1 , I think most of the features and services provided by PayTM can be found on Jupiter too. The Wallet features like, add money, transfer etc.t too are available on Jupiter.

Can’t access reward section, if it somehow opened then it showing something snapped after trying to redeem, sometimes Jewels aren’t even showing, it’s happening repeatedly. Fix this bug.

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I hope the issue will be resolved soon, and we can receive updates about it. I am also experiencing problems, such as a negative account balance. As pointed out, it has to be some glitch.

Yeah whole app is currently full of glitches, something snapped is showing everywhere. Hope everything will get alright soon.


Same here. It shows my networth in minus :joy:

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Exactly. But Shawn does not believe me.

I think I know the reason why it is happening.
There are some transactions which have been counted/visible twice ( they have same transaction ID). Hence it is going negative sometimes.
It should be fixed hopefully, till then will need to wait.

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