Jupiter transaction aren't getting updated

Unable to update transactions and app is glitching transaction list not opening

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@Ayush1 You’re right.
There’s something up with the transaction list, it’s not getting updated.

We’re having a look at this.
Thanks for raising it :blob_thanks:


I’ve been trying to check some of my past transactions on the app for a while, but I’m getting this message:

Is this just for me or are the servers down?

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@iTcxic this is a known issue and is being checked.

Mee too face same problem

@AaR1 This is a known issue and is being looked into. As soon as there is an update available, it will be posted.

Problem is solved

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Glad to hear it is solved now… :+1: :+1:

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Bug is still exists partially , i have recently transaction then i refresh transaction history page but it’s not showing today’s transaction

@AaR1 lets wait for the team to provide a final update. I am facing a few issues as well.