Missing transaction in transaction history

My brother sent me some money via google pay to my my jupiter account (on gpay). I could see that amount is added to my balance but couldnt see it in the transactiom history :man_shrugging:… Is this issue occuring to anyone else

Edit: I got the amount recieved notification now at 4:34 Pm and on checking the app. It got updated :joy:… Took 2 hours approx

Mera payment field ho gya or return bhi nahi aaya

@Aswin_Benny Was this an interim issue? :thinking:

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Yes. It occured only once.

Oh okay. In that case, could you keep an eye if it happens again? Ideally it should happen quickly.

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It took 2 hours for the record to show.

Sms and record update happened simultaneously.

Balance update was instant :thinking:

Hmm, let’s keep an eye on more such instances.

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