A lot of delay in transaction to show in transaction history,

This is happening after I update the app yesterday or day before yesterday, so there appears to be a lot of delay in transaction being done and it appearing on recent transactions, the balance gets updated but, it take about 20 minutes for it to show up in recent transactions,
Happened today for a transaction via Debit card at PayPal

As well as receiving in my account so both outward and inward transaction are affected and it creates a lot of confusion to as if the money did arrive because I can’t remember my balance to see if it different all the time right

Please look into it @Shawnpinto

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Hey @codelock Since this started happening to you recently, can you keep an eye on it a bit more? This could be an interim issue. Let us know if it still persists.

The issue is still exists for me

Yes. This issue is there for me too.
Noticing this since last one week.

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I think its approximately the same issue that i was refering to.

Last day i did a pos transaction, Message came instantly, balance was updated instantly but transaction history was not updated

The issue seems to be resolved now,

Looks like same happened again. Check the timings in the screenshot

@Aswin_Benny In this case, the SMS was delayed by 1.5hrs :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But did the amount reflect in the app though?

How about jupiter app notification?

Is jupiter listening to all my sms and as soon as an SMS from TM-ONJPTR is recieved, identifies the format and gives notification :thinking:

If thats the mechanism. Then issue is with the delayed sms…

I am getting jupiter notification and sms at the same time…

Doesnt happen all the time. Happens randomly.

I didnt check the app that time… Last time it happened. Balance was updated but transaction was missing from history

Makes sense. We’ll get this checked :tick:

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Hi Team,

Even I am facing this issue. The delay in SMS notification and amount reflecting in the transaction tab of the app was delayed in excess of an hour. Facing this issue since Monday.

Kindly look into this.

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@here It’s confirmed. There’s an issue with SMS/notifications being delayed from the bank, we’re working on getting it fixed by today/tomorrow.

Let’s check this again post the fix.
Thanks again everyone for bringing this up :blob_thanks:

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Transaction notification has to be improved. Whenever I am sending or receiving amount or making an transaction through debit card. I could there is a delay in notification and delay in updating under RECENT TRANSACTIONS. please look into this. This has to be fixed immediately.