App isn’t working properly

This is to keep everyone posted. Apart from Shawn confirming the issues, I reported this via the support channel as well. They have confirmed there is a glitch in the banking servers because of which the transactions are not getting refreshed. They are working on fixing it.

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Not only that, my debit card not waking up from sleep mode :slightly_smiling_face: during all day time, today morning around 12PM i made a transaction through debit card but it failed then i checked my jupiter and it’s saying your card is in sleeping mode.

Please solve this ASAP.

I encountered something else that differed from the scenario you described. To my surprise, when I checked last night I discovered my debit card did not enter sleep mode.

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Guess, there are multiple areas that are facing issues. Let’s give them the time for troubleshooting and fixing it. I am sure this an all hands on deck situation for their back end team.

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I tried to make a debit card transaction but it got failed multiple times around 8.30AM today.
Auto sleep mode was active on my card. When I saw why the transaction was getting rejected, I saw that sleep mode was not removed automatically as it used to every morning
I tried to remove it manually, the toggle gets deactivated but the card still shows in sleep mode.
I got a notification that card is blocked and a penalty shall be charged.
I hope you people will resolve this issue and will reverse the penalty if any charged as it’s a technical fault on Jupiter’s part.

Update : I called customer care and they tried to unblock the card and couldn’t.
They guided me how to unblock it from the app but still not able to unblock it.

It’s all messed up and I hope no penalty will be charged for me on this.
Hoping a quicker resolution.

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Yeah looks like my debit card is also being lazy

Seems to be a major issue with their banking APIs.

We’re facing some challenges in the app at the moment.
It’s affecting other features as well.

Let’s wait for the update folks.