JUPITER UPI doesnt support paytm or gpay upi scanners

Hi team,

I have been noticing quite frequently that, jupiter upi do not support for most of the paytm qr codes we see in the shops. We get a failure message as attached

Is anyone looking onto it?

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Hey @Krishhrao is this happening regularly for you? :thinking:
We noticed this internally as well. We’re still investigating.

This happens every single time, happens with cred pay as well, but works only in paytm phone pe or gpay

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Hey @shawn pinto this is occuring even now, due to this, i am not making any upi payments from jupiter app. Fix this ASAP

@Shawnpinto attached is the error image, fix it pls

Hi @Shawnpinto , 1232621 is the support ticket i had created, i know the rootcause too, i have documented in the ticket, but support team is incapable of reading it and has closed my ticket as resolved :joy: this is funny because they dont even know whats the issue, but has commented that looks like ur issue is resolved. I am loosing faith in jupiter, please escalate internally, i am okay for a call with the engineering team to resolve this, jupiter support is hilarious and a disaster, you can see comments in that ticket and judge it, soo soo low level

That shouldn’t have happened, @Krishhrao
I’ll check in with the team internally and we’ll get back to you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for highlighting this :blob_thanks:

Thanks @Shawnpinto , i have also mailed with screenrecording of simulation long back

Hoping to see resolution from the team, before i am forcefully made to switch to another app for transaction

Thanks again !

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Hi @Shawnpinto , this is extremely cheap and very very low level capability of the support team, please have a look at the ticket that i have raised, 24 days ago, till today, your jupiter support team, has been very very very useless, i would suggest them to take some days off and close the support team itself, either way, their presense is utterly useless, over 24 days, once in 4 days i get an update to check with other payee, i will confirm that the issue is same with all payee, then after 2 days i will be asked for recording, i have shared already twice via mail, then after few more days, pathetically, shameless jupiter support again asks the same question if it occurs for other payee and then followed by video recording, how cheap and low level support can you provide, i wonder how do you expect users to store money and invest in pots when we clearly see that if any issue occurs, jupiter team is incapable of serving and resolving it, soo cheap, do not expect users to store money in ur app, no TRUST with jupiter. Shame on it. Please have a look at the ticket and see how useless ur team is, how uselesss a team can be? Yuck