Minor Bug in credit card bill payment UI

Hi all, I recently tried out Jupiter’s bill payment feature, The UI is beautiful and very functional. However I found a small bug.

There is a missing period separating rupees and paise in the Total amount due and minimum payable amount section:

Other than that everything looks very cool :slight_smile:


Hey @Abhishek_Ulayil :wave:t4:

Good find! :mag:
The team is having a look at this.

Thanks for bringing it up :slight_smile:

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Hi @Shawnpinto this issue still exists.
Also interestingly jupiter does not allow part payment or MAB payment for credit card bills. Only full amount or greater. Maybe Jupiter is helping users to stay out of credit card debt :laughing: .


Hey @Abhishek_Ulayil ,

We’ll need more time to look into this. Apologise for the delay. :typing_bot:

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Given the bug is not very severe, its alright.
Overall the bill UI is really good, very practical and much better than CRED which looks like a mela of sorts with spinning wheels and lucrative prizes which we might never win.


Cries in 3million CRED Coins :pensive:

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I found something interesting in this months bill while testing out Google Pay’s BBPS implementation. It seems like the above mentioned issue is a problem at BBPS or the credit card provider bank .

Both have the exact same problem.

So I am considering to close this thread as it is not a problem with jupiter.

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It’s fetched, you’re right.

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